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Not sure never tried it. I dont want to mess with the overclocking because I dont want to break something and games dont screen lag for me.
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Originally Posted by rob777 View Post

I bought the Crossover 27QW a little over 3 weeks ago. So far no dead pixels and there isnt much backlight bleed. Im extremely happy with it.

I paid right around $300 for a perfect pixel Crossover 27QW.

Nice smile.gif

And to whoever asked if this monitor can overclock past 60Hz no I don't think it does.

The QNIX QX2710, X-STAR DP2710 and Yamakasi Catleap 2B variant are the only 27" PLS/IPS monitors that can overclock.
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Hello friends, please can you tell me where you buy the crossover 27qw with pixel free?
In eBay Korea?
I appreciate a link please with a good seller. Do you know if he reduce the value of the package for a low customs?

Sorry for my English,I live in Spain.
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I bought mine from eBay. The seller was storewithstory and it was shipped from Korea.


In the listing it shows:

Q. Can you send my item as a gift or change the shipping value?
A : All of our items going international will be marked as gift and the shipping value can be adjusted.

I didn't get charged any customs fees, i'm pretty sure he marked it as a gift and put a low number.

Thank you.
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To any more opinions on Crossover vs Yamakasi?
I'm tempted to get the Yamakasi (off eBay) with just the DVi-D input.

Edit, ordered the Yamakasi late Wednesday night, but it's still sitting in the sellers warehouse (Green-sum) because it's Korean new year (until Sunday).
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Hi everyone,

I just bought the Crossover 27qw DP IPS. It arrived a couple of days ago, however after connecting it up it does not show a picture?? The purple led light comes on for about 5 seconds when I press the power button, then it starts flashing a red/orange light.

Also this model is meant to have a OSD which does not show up when pressing the menu button.

I have tried contacting the seller accessorieswholeseller something like that but get no reply at all.

I have tried connecting my MBr with a mini DP to dp, my Dell XPS 13 with same connection, my MBr with a hdmi and a ps3 with a hdmi to no avail.

Has anyone come across this problem before? I checked the forum, can't find anything.

Of anyone can help, I'll would be very grateful, was really looking forward to using it this weekend.
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With regards to the above, I have been looking at the Crossover 27QW and the Crossover Black tune, I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX660, can anybody confirm this is compatible with these monitors?

Also is there any difference between the two, i.e is the Black Tune worth the extra cost?

Many thanks

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I just got my perfect pixel Crossover 27QW today from storewithstory. Dispatched Monday, arrived Wednesday. Very good I thought. I had about £32 duty to pay to the driver.

My previous monitor was a 24" Dell 2405fpw which I've had since there have been 2405fpw's to buy. Well over a decade and still going strong.

I'll describe the panel first because the stylised pics in the ads are not accurate.

It's glossy but much less reflective than those 27" Macs that started this whole cheap monitor trend. My office at work is littered with those things so much that I trip over them to get to my desk and I hate the finish on them as they are so reflective that stuff behind you dominates what you see so much that you have to move your head around to block reflections so you can actually see your work. They seem designed to look good in the controlled environment of the Apple store. i.e. designed to sell.

Not so with this monitor. The glossy panel (it's plastic) stretches from edge to edge except the bottom where that "Crossover" silver plastic bar stretches across the monitor. That silver panel does not fit flush to my screen. It stands off a few mm from the front towards the middle. Looks like it's cheaply fitted but you can't tell unless you put your head up against the monitor and look down. The glossy surface - which I assume has been coated to reduce reflections - is fitted very close to the LCD panel itself. I'm staring at the screen now and I cannot see *any* reflections. I seem to have all the benefit of the AG diffusion layer without actually having to have it.

This is subjective I know but the actual quality of the AH-IPS image is astonishingly good, perhaps ideal even. I might pay more for features such as HDMI 1.4a/DP but I really cannot see how you could improve on the image itself by paying more.

Ask me anything except about overclocking. I don't do that. It took me months to decide on this monitor so I'm happy to feed back my experience to this forum,
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It seems like a good deal for $320 the Perfect Pixel model with free shipping. Will my Radeon hd4890 have any trouble running this monitor until I can upgrade?
I am alos considering the Qnix because it is overclockable. I would be OC maybe to 85Hz which is a reasonable boost from 60Hz.

Also, will i pay a duty for this monitor?

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Originally Posted by andrew110 View Post

The Crossover Black Tune, Yamakasi DS270 and Achieva Shimian QH2700-IPSMS all have the newer AH IPS technolgy. If you want an IPS display, only get one of these models. These are the latest models from these companies. I'm pretty sure these are the same displays used in the 2012 and 2013 iMacs because they all look the same and have the hole cut out for the FaceTime camera. They all use the same anti glare technology too.

If you want to overclock get the cheaper Qnix or X-Star that uses PLS technology that is not as color accurate as IPS but still good.

I have the Achieva Shimian QH2700-IPSMS Lite Edge (DVI AND VGA) and love it! What inputs do you need?

I want to buy a 27" 2560 x 1440 AH-IPS and I can't decide, too. All this monitor models have Plasma Deposition Coating tecnology and I read that it lightens the blacks. Blacks are not deep. So I'm confused. I'd like to buy an AH-IPS but have all the glass in front of the panel. I could pick one with PLS panel as the QX2710 QNIX LED Evolution Ⅱ but would like the glossy version, but is at a very high price. The matte version is cheaper, but I do not like the color rendition.
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