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Does anyone know if the standard cooler for an EVGA is still around to be bought? And even if it is, will it fit the Hydro-copper if I take the water block off? I'm going to swap out my 295 for something more powerful and supports DX11 like a hydro 770 or 780 but my other computers around the house don't use water cooling at all so I need to convert the 295 back to a stock so I can use it somewhere else. I was going to just buy another 295 and quad-sli it but I think I'd rather have two 780 hydros in dual-sli and have access to DX11.

As a side note, since I'm jumping from the 295 way up to the 700 series, would I even notice the difference between a single water cooled 760/770/780? Something tells me since I've been on the 295 for so long jumping to even a 760 and adding in a water block would blow my mind versus the 295 co-op hydro.