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Ah I see!

Well I look forward to your testing. I'm still waiting for Eizo to get back to me about a sample. smile.gif
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Glowing review from Morkai on HardForum
Originally Posted by Morkai 
Got it today, set it up, and its great overall.
The first and only LCD so far i'd call good enough for anything, with no big flaws that affect any type of use. The first lcd monitor possible to recommend to people, without knowing what they will use it for.

Here is a picture and some points (have to go out for a while, can test input lag later or tomorrow):

*Can count the windows at the maximum speed on the testufo.com - moving photo. Photo looks just as sharp as lightboost. No ghosting at the fastest speed on bright content. (Mark, if you read this, can't you add faster speeds to the tests?).
*Great overall quality, quality still great in strobemode. (simply used calibrated settings from the review for now).
*Mild coating, it is mildly reflective. I do not personally feel the need to remove it.
*Blacks really look black, as long as there is anything else to contrast with. A pure black screen in a dark room looks dark gray/purplish (ips/tn look bright gray in the same room).
*Does not flicker to my eyes in strobemode (lightboost 120 does flicker for me, mildly - i suspect lightboost just has too short strobes?)
*Uniformity is great, but not perfect. Minor clouding top right corner, only visible in a dark room. Still one of the most uniform lcds i've seen. The macbook pro retina (samsung panel) is still the most uniform LCD i have seen, probably hard to see in this bad picture.

Two cons I can come up with:
*Mild ghosting or overdrive trailing of bright objects on black (such as the testufo). Not visible unless its bright on dark background.
*Does not tilt, it seems? Annoying, as at the highest position the top of the screen is in the middle of my throat

Awarded with the first time ever LCD "bah, it's good enough until OLED" reward!
Picture of Panasonic VT60 in the back, with a macbook pro retina to the left, the eizo middle, and a 7.7" OLED in the corner between the macbook and the eizo. All displaying black screens.
Both the eizo and the macbook have led logos that might reflect on the plasma, but i tried to hide them.
I'll try sort a better pic later.
(The screen at left is the Macbook. The EIZO monitor is almost invisible in this photo, displaying a black screen).

Originally Posted by Morkai 
Tried some games now @120fps, and that really gave a "wow" feeling.
The sharpness of LCD, the motion clarity of CRT, great colors and general quality of VA.

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