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Just make sure all the computers are in the same work group, turn on file and printer sharing with password protection from your Network and Sharing Center. Then it is as simple as setting up permissions at the file level. If user A has access to a file or share on Computer 1 then you need to supply the user credentials for user A on computer 2 to have the same share available to you on that computer. This is assuming you are running all windows machines. You have to make sure you share the files you want for them to be available on the network.

To use android just download a file manager navigate to the computer via ip address input user credentials and done.

The share with linux install samba, set up share,join workgroup,duplicate windows user to nix user, give nix user access to aforementioned share.
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I created a HomeGroup, I changed the password to something easy. Still when i enter computer and want to go to HomeGroup folder now user pop up that are on the network.

I think it is some kind of a setting that i could have changed or something. Have been trying way to many tutorials and every one is that is different from the other one.

Is there any way that i could reset everything ?

Here are the settings from advanced panel.

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Does the owner of the file you are trying to access have a password associated with them?
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You should not turn on network discovery under your public network options. This will make shares show up in networks that you classify as public. IE Starbucks and the like and anyone on the network will see them.
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Ok i turned that of but still the same thing frown.gif

How can they not be availible ?
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I can not tell you why the home group isn't working I have never used it to actually share files so I have a limited understanding of it. You did add all the other computers to the same home group? I think we should move away from home group and just do smb sharing over your network because that will allow for backwards compatibility with other operating systems should you introduce them to your network.
I will check this thread again when I get home from work because my lunch is about over in the mean time I will point you towards these tutorials.


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Ok thank you, the HomeGroup system can go **** it self it really sucks and no answers for problems on the internet.

Edit :
I went through these tutorials and no help.

Edit 1 :
Ok now i have a bit progress. finally somehow i connected the two computers but the media computer wont show all the files.

Here is a picture of the computer with the sheared folder.


And here is the media center computer, it only shows a part.

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Ok then lets start at the beginning.

You are able to ping the other pcs on your network yes?

What error are you getting now?

Did you make any shares available? Right click the folder you wish to share- properties -sharing tab

Please list the steps that you have taken so far on each pc
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If i understand you, then you are asking if i see the other computer on the network ? if soo then yes.

For the momment i am not getting any errors.

The folder looks like it is shared but for some reason only few files are shown in the media center computer.

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Ok so you are able to access the share but all the files that are in the shared folder are not showing up across the network?

If this is the case then you need to verify that the folders that are not showing up are inheriting their properties from there parent folder. It should flow top down.
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