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I found out what was wrong, i had to change individual folders for some reason and all the folders that i a sharing now appered.

How can i change it show i could see the shared folder in computer like a hard drive ?
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Go to my computer at the top you should be able to map a drive. Click that, assign a drive letter then navigate to the network share.

Glad you got it figured out.

In the future if you want to access this share from another device just make sure you are in the same work group and provide the correct credentials(assuming you are using password protection)
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I remove the password cause that was causing a problem. Everything was in a right workgroup. I renamed it to home.

Awsome seems it is going my way. I will keep posting if a land on another wall.

Thank you very much smile.gif
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Now im trying to add video files to xbmc but for some reason all the video come out stretched like this

How can i fix that so they would be normal ?
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This is an issue with the resolution of the media and the resolution of your screen. The aspect ratios are not matching up. Just hit "Z" and it will change the zoom amount I think one of the levels should fix it.
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Nice thank you very much. Looks good now, The screen that im testing this out os full hd 1080p, And the tv is the same that i will connect this to

What about that movies that are in a collection like james bond and so wont show up in xbmc ? but i can see them in the shered folder ?
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Not showing up at all or just showing one entry.

If one entry then movie sets sounds like it is enabled. Selecting the one entry should take you to the rest of the collection. If non and xbmc can see them via the files browsing menu then it sounds like a view filter is hiding them or they were not scraped properly.
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They are not showing up at all.

When i start the XBMC i see the movies name in update but they don't show up on the list.

How could i fix that ?
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can you navigate to them from your files menu in xbmc (not to be confused with your library menu)
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Yes i can see the movie there in the files folder

This movies name is A Knight's Tale i tried to rename it to A Knights Tale still nothing

Looks like if the software cant find info it skips the file
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