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Random PC lock up, suspecting RAM.

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We need some help. Note, It might not be the RAM at all, I just suspect it is.

I'm apart of a different forum and I cannot think of anything to help him. Anyone have ANY ideas?

Since I've built my new computer I've had an issue with it randomly locking up and requiring a hard restart, there didn't seem to be any obvious cause other than it didn't seem to crash during gaming and did seem to crash more during watching a dvd. I updated all the drivers (although they were only a couple of days old out of the box, there still was updates!) and the random lock ups decreased dramatically from every 10-20 mins to once every couple of days, which I could cope with.
I've since added a new user to the computer, and on the new user account the random freezes are worse than ever, every 5-10 mins. Although the main administrator account has remained in the same state.

Surely this cannot be a driver issue as the same drivers would be loaded for both users?

Any ideas?

Free build and fresh OS install. CPUz states timings are 9-9-9-24-39 running at 800Mhz in dual channel (so 1600).

His build: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Noj/saved/2wyc
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A hard lock can be anything, but if it was strictly RAM related I would think he would get a blue screen here and there. What are his system temperatures like for all hardware? What has he done so far to try and fix the problem?

He's better off creating an account on here so he can reply directly to use. Could you provide a link to the other forum's thread?
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Sure, have a look: LINK
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In the BIOS go to MB Intelligent Tweaker(M.I.T.). Goto DRAM E.O.C.P. There should be an option for "Profile 1" or something similar. Select that then save and exit the bios and see if that fixes it.

Also 59C on the processor is a bit hot, but it's still safe. Turning off Turbo (Core Performance Boost, in the BIOS) will reduce the heat but it will also lower performance a bit. I noticed this setting puts more voltage then needed to make sure the processor is stable. For me it set my 1090T to 1.45V, even though it's stable at 1.35V up to 3.8GHz, so I just keep it disabled.
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