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I usually go freq > cas > bank. Then fiddle with the rest one at a time following chronological order just to get important done and not get lost after. The bank timing you're using seems extremely tight tho, but if it's not causing probs hey all good
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do 10-12-11-31 got to 2530mhz with this
but honestly my TridentXs do 2450mhz @ cas 9 T1 with no problem 9-11-11-32
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I tried to get my ripjaws to run 2400mhz @ cas 9 T1 9-11-11-32.What volts should I try.The ripjaws are rated 1.65v,and the VCCSA on my asus sabertooth mb is at 0.98750 now.I have went up from stock,0.925 one bump at a time to 1.000 and it still will not post at boot. Is there any other numbers I should try.
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maybe your sticks won't do t1 try same settings with t2 probably just abandon going for t1 if it isn't working out.

also I'd try the cas 10-12-11 one for your sticks...9 is tight that high unless you have some really nice chips
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DDR3-2400 will be around 1.25V for VCCSA, so you're a little bit under which may be why the system is not booting up.

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