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Recently AMSL stated:
"The world's largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier ASML Netherlands today reiterated extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology will be commercially launched in 2015 as scheduled, the major semiconductor manufacturers are gearing up.

ASML CEO and President Peter Wennink publicly stated: "NXE: 3300B EUVL scanner integration work is progressing steadily and our goal is still the next year 70 wafers per hour production in 2015 can also be upgraded to 125 from watching the progress of the past few quarters, customers have strengthened our cooperation, continue to deploy investments and resources, ready 10nm node applications EUVL.”

ASML plans to ship later this year the first three NXE: 3300B lithography machines, one of which can generate revenue during the year, the other two in 2015, shipments will reach 12-30 units.

EUVL machine biggest problem is that power is not enough light, only 55W, produces only 43 wafers per hour. If you want to achieve next year after the intended target, especially in the year after commercially, first of up to 105W, but eventually need tall yet fully determined.

Further alleged that despite the economic environment in general, Intel, TSMC, Samsung, GlobalFoundries and other customers are increasing the semiconductor equipment procurement efforts, ASML will be shipping in volume in the fourth quarter of 20nm, 16nm and 14nm process related manufacturing equipment." (google translate). Source

But also in this article
"The problems continue with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. ASML promised to deliver an 80 Watt power source by year’s end. Now, the company said it only will have a 70 Watt source by mid-2014. “We are focusing on reaching the 70 Watts by the middle of next year,” said Peter Wennink, ASML’s CEO, in a conference call to discuss the company’s results. ASML blamed the problem on the delay of certain components for the source." Source

Another one
“The company also said it remains on target to deliver systems with a throughput of 70 wafers per hour next year, upgradeable to 125 wafers per hour in 2015.” Source

If the second one is true don’t expect cheap and in volume 20nm wafers before the end of 2014.