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My cpu (intel e6750) is now on 3.06ghz.Because is stable on 3.06 (no errors on prime95).
When I moved on 3.2(gives me fatal error rounding was 0.5 expected 0.4) that means its not stable.Ram is ok( I check it)!
Then I must raise a little vcore,but it wont.When I put any volts and save(f10),Its shows only motherboard logo and
instantly turn off,and again turn on,and over and over like that.
I can raise all others voltages and its works,but vcore wont!
Turned off CIE,EIST and that crap...Memory timing set. DRAM:FSB=1:1
I try and normal cpu vcore and nothing.
Try 1.35v and its same story.(showed me mb logo,turn off,turn on....)
Power supply 500w(but I think its not that problem)
Why I cant raise vcore???