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I think zests that you are mistaken, even if you could interchange the the panels you are refering to, both of the size remains the same unless you want to mod it and make new holes for the new size of the flooring of the upper chamber mod it. And i think with a height of 163mm you can mount 140x4 fans and rads at thw upper chamber too. the reason why caselabs doesnt recommend it is because you will not be able to use the 3x front 5.25" bays on the upper chamber but the 140x4 radiator side mounts does fit there. I saw a reviewer oc3d mount the sidemounts in the upper chamber of the case. As for the mobo tray diffwrence is qidth only since xl-atx and hptx has same length hptx is just wider bud. You can choose the colors in the color options just choose black/white and look for a place at check out where you can assign which panel is what color. As for 140mm fans on 120mm flex mounts not aure there might as well wait for a reply from caselabs but i do not think it will fit bud
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Thank you for your time and suggestion.


I've got a good idea of my build but hope you can check my plan for any issues please?

Will the Bottom Chassis panel of the SMH 10 interchange with the Top Chassis panel? I need a solid piece to offset and install 140x4xfat.

I'd also like to take the Top Chassis panel and swap it to the Lower Mid-panel.

I realize mobo mounting holes will have to be relocated in the new top and possibly mid panel too.

When ordering an ATX layout is the mobo size the same as ordering HPTX?

Does ATX mobo cutout effect any HPTX mounting hole locations?

I'm confused with CL's ordering page as it relates Power Switch/ Reset options. SMH 10 pictures show three options. (Pictures on full and mobile site.) Ordering form offers two, excluding the USB option.
Accessories page excludes USB Reto kit that has 4 USB ports from being used on the SMH 10? I needs it!

Will 140mm fans fit inside 120mm Flex Bay mounts?

Also, I'd like to have a black exterior and interior be white. How do I express that on the order page?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Is this case shipped in a plain brown wrapper? I want the "One Who Must Be Obeyed" to think it's just sex stuff.

You will not be able to swap the parts around as you are describing. Take a look at this mount http://www.caselabs-store.com/120-4-radiator-bottom-mount-for-smh10-sth10/

The ATX layout is in reference to the mb orientation, not the size. Each mb form factor has a corresponding chassis divider.

The case has the option to delete the switches to save some money if you plan to order custom switches for the case. The switch bracket/plates are included no mater. The three images are to display how a 3.5'' device fits under the switches. You must purchase the 3.5'' device separately.

Only 120mm fans will fit in the flex-bay

For your color scheme describe it as you just did.

The case will come in a plain brown box.... you dirty man tongue.gif
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