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x0007E HECIx64.sys Error - Page 2

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My hard drive and disk drive, that's all
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First try to connect ONLY your dvd-rom drive in one of the 4 light blue ones . Intel Z68 Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s connectors.
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But how would i test if the issue is there or not as this problem only creeps up when i do uninstall my ATI drivers while trying to update to latest versions. Otherwise, i don't even notice any problems
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The BSOD that you posted blamed the fault in marvell driver which is for the sata port that you have. Have other dump files that indicate that ATI drivers are to blame?
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I do not have any other dmp files, but is it possible that the display driver might be causing this. When it usually occurs, i do a system restore to fix it and it does not appear until next time i do a driver uninstall.
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What driver install? The GPU?
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yes the GPU
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