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As the title says, I'm having some pretty irritating issues with my GPU's. I monitor the usage/temps with MSI Afterburner on the OSD, and all I see is a paperweight of a second card. Also, to note, this started happening once I plugged in my second monitor into my GPU. Some of the fixes/tests I've done: Reseating the SLI bridge and cards, rolling back on drivers as well as updating, made sure SLI was enabled, tested both GPU's by themselves, and MAYBE some more. Kinda at a loss here.

My rig includes: 2 680's, Asus Sabertooth Z77, 3770k @ stock clocks, 16 GB Vengeance.

Ever since I put in that monitor, this has been happening. Months and months (close to a year) before this, I ran everything perfectly fine, and had a smile on my face. Now, I have a frown on my face. Any ideas?

I know it is not the GPU itself, so could it be a faulty bridge? Software? Any ideas/suggestions will help tremendously. Thanks in advance! thumb.gif