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Hi I recently bought a 7990 to replace one of my crossfire sapphire vapor-x 7970. I am currently using tri-fire and am in awe of it smoothness, but I started using it right as the latest beta drivers started rolling out (2-3 weeks now). My other vapor-x is sitting on a shelf in the basement because my last pcie slot (3.0 x4) is blocked by the other vapor-x cooler in the second available pcie slot.

Now.. I could go on ebay and sell both of these vapor-x for reference 7970 and they would fit in a quadfire config 7990 + 2x7970. I have a 1300w PSU which should be able to handle it and a heavily overclocked (4.8ghz 3570k) which I hope will also be able to handle quadfire. So I am asking people who actively use quadfire, Not in 2011 or 2012... but right now with the beta drivers.. Is quadfire smooth? If you say yes I may just trade these vapor-x up for something that is dual slot and run quadfire instead of tri-fire. It really shouldn't cost anything out of pocket, just some time and energy on ebay..

Again: Is quadfire smooth with the new beta drivers?