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top 2 watercooling kits available

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I have a high end system and would like to water cool so what is the top 2 water cooling lits today. I am looking at the Raystorm d5 360 acrylic and its going into a thermaltake level 10gt case with the r4 extreme motherboard black edition.Never watercooled befor apart from h100i .
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For the top kits, I would recommend the raystorm kit with the d5 like you mentioned, or the EK kit


You can't really go wrong with either kit.

I would recommend picking up some extra tubing when you order the kit. The primochill tubing is good stuff, get about 6 feet. I have found that is a good length.
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thanks thrasherht, if i buy the raystorm or the kit you recomended would i need to buy anything else that is not included
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Just noticed the extra tubing message thanks.
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I would recommend extra tubing just because the stock stuff normally isn't the best, also gives you room for redoing it incase you mess up the first loop.

You will need some distilled water which can be picked up from the local grocery store. Make sure it is distilled and not spring water.

Also get a silver kill coil with your kit.

One of these

The plugs only work if they are submerged. I have the kill coil and it works great. Never had algae of any kind in my loop. When it tarnishes you just wipe it off and recoil it around a pencil or something round
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