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Dang, that sounds pretty bad. I usually steer away from AsRock boards in general because i tend to choose ASUS/Gigabyte over them when it comes to mobo's. Sorry to hear about that horrible experience.

Anyways, you should try a different brand like ASUS or Gigabyte. Ive been using ASUS boards for years and had little problems, even RMA was pretty good (not the BEST, but i mean at least i got it within the promised 10 business days). Some people hate ASUS because they have horrible times with RMA, but honestly for me ive never ran into that problem, i think its cause of my location? Its probably conveniently located near an ASUS RMA department or something.... i for one havent had any problems with ASUS RMA. Im sure it may differ for people.

Gigabyte makes quality boards as well. You should try either of those two. Good luck with your build!