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i5-4670k wierd voltage issue

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So i overclocked my haswell chip to 4.2ghz, nothing great.
I put it on adaptive voltage (both the cache and the cpu).The 2 voltages i used were 1.075 and 1.055.
I then started up my computer, opened up cpu-z and wierdly enough, it said my chip was running at 800mhz, probably due to adaptive voltage. So i went ahead and did a prime95 stress test. Now in cpu-z it shows that my voltage is set to 1.195V. I know that prime95 overvolts, so i decided to change the adaptive voltage to override mode.
I had the same voltages as before, my computer started up and i did the stress test again. This time however, my chip was at 1.073V, and stable.
This is so wierd. Should i leave it on override or change it to adaptive.
I watched my friend overclock his i5-4670k and he immediately got 1.105V when he opened cpu-z and he was using adaptive, while by me, it was running at below 1V and at 800mhz.

Please suggest something...
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Read through this. As far as adaptive. You can use it after you have stress tested and know your CPU is stable. Otherwise, use manual mode to input the voltage so it doesn't spike up. You have to set your windows power plan to high performance so it doesn't underclock to 800mhz. Also do this while stress testing and then put it back to balanced when you are sure it is stable.
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Why am i not allowed to let it underclock?
Right now i have 2 settings in Asrock's A-Tuning Facility (which works)
One is basically everything stock with adaptive and the other is 4.2ghz overclock with override mode.
When i'm using adaptive mode, it overvolts the cpu a little to much for my likings.
Anyway, i have 2 settings, 1 for gaming, the other for normal tasks like web browsing, etc.
It may be a little annoying, but i think i'll get used to it.
thx for the help
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Read. The. Guide.
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