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Hey guys, haven't posted up a thread in a really long time.

Looking for some advice on where to take my media center setup next. Right now I have a machine hooked up to my tv acting as my media center, then another machine hooked to the network that is acting as my network storage server.

Right now I have the nas setup with ubuntu, and the media center is setup with windows and XBMC over top of it.

What would you guys recommend be the best configuration for storing my movies and tv shows and getting them to the media center and playing them.

Another goal is that I would like my media center to also act as a sort of arcade center, with all of my old games loaded up on it so it can emulate my old consoles.

Looking for recommendations on software and best configurations for everything.

Also if you have any recommendations on good ways to keep my movies organized on the storage server that would be appreciated as well.