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path of exile?

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Ok so ive recently started playing path of exile again and want to get a more stable fps or a playable one even
My specs are:

I assume if i get a graphics card instead of the apu having to do the job of one i should get something playable, no?

atm i get like 30-60 in town (it says 60 but it looks like 22 or less)
if i go to an empty place in the world i get maybe 80 and when i cast anything it drops to 30, ect
and sometimes in bigger fights il get an input lag where i cant move for like half a second (which has taken 2 of my lvl 60's frown.gif rip) ect, im looking to spend the lowest amount possible to be able to run poe at a constant atleast 40-60fps during fights on lowest settings, no shadows ect

just sold some of my ingame items for 50$, hoping the game can pay for itself

checked on craigslist and the used ones in my budget are
xfx 1gb gddr5 hd 7770,
ati firepro v4800 1gig,
galaxy gefore 210 1gig,
2x radeon 4850 crossfire setup,
geforece 8800
sapphire hs6450 1gb
any of them decent enough?
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Out of those choices I'd definitely go with the 7770. The firepro is a workstation card, not a gaming card, and the others are several generations old. The 7770 is a very capable entry level gaming card.
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