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Hi all, i have seen pictures of the h100 having the tubes changed so they can be longer i currently have a HAF-X and wanted to add an extra radiator and a resevoir i have at my dispotition a differant pump that has a built in resevoir, (theorticly) i could do pump with res to h100 (just as a heatsink for the water to flow faster) thinking pump with res>Rad>cpu (h100)>rad>then all over again what do you all think this is first time watercool build and don't really have money to splash out so even if it is bodged dosen't really mater solong that it does the job!! So it does pump w/resevoir>h100(just as WB)>radiator>gpu (when i get the WB)>radiator then back round again. Any thoughts theoreticly should work no?