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Hello guys. I have a question. I now have an amd phenom 1055t and an ASRock 890gx ex3. I'm planning to upgrade. Now theese are my options. I was planning to get an intel 4670k. My primary motherboard choice was a: Gigabyte Z87X-D3H.
I believe all of you are going to agree this is a fantastic high quallity mbo that i can use for heavy overcloking and expect reliability. Hovewer i'd like to buy myself a mATX case. I was looking at the gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H. It's seems good but i don't know will it's voltage regulation be able to hold high overclocks, the coolers on VREG don't seem quiet big.
What can i expect from this little motherboard? Should i sacrifice my wish to get the fractal arc mini r2 and keep my r4 while buying the Z87X-D3H beast or should i go with the mini board?
Also if i would decide not to overclock would an intel 4440 be a nice upgrade from a phenom 1055t?
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Haswell is not motherboard dependent when it comes to overclocking, so you'll be fine with any board that is from a quality brand and isn't known to have defects.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeuJAOVRoA0 This explains it better.
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I see. So you are telling me i would have no problems doing heavy overclocks with this little gigabyte? Other than that is GA-Z87M-D3H a good board? Does anyone have experiences with it? how much better would a ud3h be?
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You pick the board that will best benefit you through its features. Be that better onboard audio, form factor, wireless capabilities, expansion slots, etc.
Define heavy overclocks. Haswell is pretty hot and if you are trying to push the chip to its limit, then you might have to go for the ATX form factor just to have a bigger case to have a nice custom loop to be able to push the higher volts.
Also, you might want to check out this thread.

Haswell is quite a beast to overclock. I had a 4670k before it fried and it could only get 4.5Ghz no matter the volts I through at it. Now I have a 4770k at 4.7Ghz stable and working on 4.8Ghz. It is very chip dependent on what you can actually get out of the chip.
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Well my plan was to de-lid the chip and put it under a zalman cnps10x. I would probably leave it running at about 4.5 24/7 if i could reach that withouth to high voltage. What do you mean fried it? You fried the chip or the motherboard? I really can't decide. A z78x-d3h looks like a very high end board but i wanted to build my sitem in a fractal arc mini r2. I would make sure to get enough airflow in there.
On the other hand for i could buy that little gigabyte board. th mATX. Get an i5 4440 and run that on stock clocks. Now that option is really not very expensive. And in the end i probaly won't need the performance. I use my pc for multimedia, some gaming, running a 660ti currently. And i'm a software developer. So i don't do that much hardware intensive work. But i still kind of want a bit more decent upgrade from my 1055t.
The other thing is, broadwell might support 1150 socket. And in that case i would like to be prepared with a really decent motherboard. I have doubts about this little z87M-d3h. It just doesn't seem like a very hogh end board. Whereas the z87x-ud3h seems like a fantastic very high end board.
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4.5 isn't an heavy overclock. It's a midrange overclock, but still would work very well. I would suggest not delidding if you plan to only run 4.5. Ruining your warranty for lower temps at that overclock is kinda silly. You can buy better coolers in that price range though. I have my 4770k at 4.7Ghz not delidded and the temps are fine under a Corsair H110. Never get above 65C while gaming.

Oh, and both the mobo and CPU were fried. Still not sure why because my voltages were within the safe limit.

If you are worried about the board, then don't get it. Only you can be the true judge of what best fits your needs. There are other boards though. Don't limit yourself to one brand. I've heard bad things about ASrock though, so you might want to avoid them. I personally don't have any experience with them, so it's just parroting what I've heard.

Asus has some quailty board, but it comes at a premium for the brand name. They are definitely quality boards, though.

Do you have an SSD? That is one of the greatest improvements you can do to a system as far as boosting performance can go. You can get them relatively cheap, too. I can recommend some drives if you'd like.
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Then i might not de-lid it. I''ll see. I allready have that zalman cooler.... and yes i have a kingston hyperX 120.
I'm gonna have to make this decision myself. It really comes down to personal preference in the end smile.gif
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EDIT: accidentaly doubleposted
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