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Lots of problems with new trifire 7950 setup

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This is my first big AmD build that I Just finished

Crosshair v formula z
Fx 8350
Trifire 7950
1000W PSU
2 samsung SsD in RAID0

It is completely under water and I haven't seen temps go above 50C even after pretty good OC (even over 5GHz )

Ok, now to the problems:

I got my CPU overclock going with 3 OC profiles 5GHz, 4.8GHz, and 4.6GHz. I am currently using the 4.6 because it is the only one I have hours of stress testing on so far.

I started using the OC on my GPUs using afterburner. I am benching with heaven. It ran fine with and without the OC and I got a decent score on ultra. I am using a low res monitor on my bench currently tho. I noticed a hiccup every now and then which I didn't think too much of at the time.

Started to play a game (borderlands 2) and I get some pretty nasty frame drops causing a stutter. I thought it was the OC, so I pushed it back to stock. Monitoring my CPU and GPUs I have 1 CPU core around 80% and spikes to 100% on occasion (May be the stuttering here?) the gPU usage is consistently under 50% on all 3 with maybe a spike to the 70s here and there. Temps are sitting in the low 40s on CPU and all GPUs.

I don't think it is PSU because 1000W should have plenty of overhead for this setup and voltages appear to be fine.
Could be CPU, but only 1 core is getting exercised a bit, so seems to be a stretch
Definitely not overheating

So I suppose it could be defective hardware but even that seems off because it isn't really irratic or not performing (aside from the stutter, it averages 110 fps on BL2). The CPU withstood hours of prime so I think that it should be ok.

So last resort is drivers....well the currently installed driver was indeed old, so I downloaded the latest and started the uninstall then install process....

The driver begins to install and it does it's screen flickering thing, but then it goes black and just stays black forever until reboot. I thought it may just not be ready so I let it sit, but 45mins of this so far and it is still black.

Any ideas on why the driver won't install properly and what might be causing the stuttering?

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Ok, got good and bad news.

The bad news is the driver update still locks up the computer
The good news is that the driver actually finished installing

I did a custom install of CCC after reboot and reinstalled afterburner.

The best news is that the driver update fixed the stuttering problem and it now is running pretty smoothly with my OC on it. Pretty relieved really wheee.gif

Got another question though, it looks like GPU 2 and 3 usage are jumping up and down constantly (oscillating) like 30% then 70%. Any ideas what would cause that? It appeared to be doing it regardless of the OC :/ GPU 1 runs like I'd expect more gradual movement in terms of usage
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