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Dual MSI R280x OC Gaming Peak Temps

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Currently in Battlefield 4 after about 30min of game play my Primary card is running about 85 Degrees, and my secondary card is at about 70 Degrees. I have not had issues with this so far, but I don't want to have issues either. I am running BF4 on Ultra, and BF4 is on a single screen, but I do have a secondary monitor running. Afterburner indicates that the GPU's are hitting 97-99% utilization while playing. These are going to an ASUS 27" 1440P Monitor and a Samsung 1080P Monitor.

I have them in a Carbide 540 with 2 140mm fans in the front pulling in. 2 140mm fans on top pushing out. I am running an enclosed liquid cooling on my i4770k which is pushing out the rear.

The house is at about 68 degrees for the most part.

Inside the case I also have:
Soundblaster Sound Card
One 3 TB HD in the bays at the bottom
2 SSD Drives on the backside of the Motherboard
1 Optical Drive (rarely used)
16Gb of Corsair Extreme Memory
The motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H

This entire system was just built and no overclocking outside of the GPU stock OC. But I want to have this as an option and I am worried these temps are already to high.

I am looking at liquid cooling options, but I have never done it and I am a bit nervous. I also see many different opinions on how this case should work with air.

So first and foremost, are these temps concerning?
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The temps are not ideal, but are within the limit of the cards. I'd suggest getting after market fans to upgrade your cooling. Also, making a custom fan profile would really help.

If you need help OCing your 4770k. Use this thread. First and foremost, read over the first post a few times before asking questions.

Please add your rig to your sig by following this link. This is just to help us better help you in the future and so you don't have to type out your rig every time you have a question. smile.gif


The addition monitor really has no significant impact on your temperatures or your performance.

Liquid cooling is expensive, but well worth it if you want to push your system to its limit!
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Thanks for the response. I have added my rig to make it easier.

After hours of research yesterday, I am going to try the Arctic Accelero cooling on the GPU's. My CPU temps seem fine with the Seidon as it typically barely breaks 60 Degrees. I figure if the GPU's I can bring them down 10-20 degrees as the reviews have claimed I should be good. Also with this Carbide 540 I can put those radiators right at the front in place of the 2 140's and have a total of 3 120's up front.

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If it works for you then it's awesome! I have no clue about those Artic Accleros, but i do know a cheaper way of doing that if you don't mind the aesthetics being killed A lot of people mount an H50 on their GPU and then add ram heatsinks.

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Hi - Im also intrested to know if the Accelero Hybrid works on the MSI R280x OC... Ive already contacted the Arctic support. But all what they can say is that it "should" work on every R280x wich is produced after Feb 2013 (I dont know if there are really some 280x´s wich are produced before this date!?) and that I have to test it out in the end... rolleyes.gif

So please reply when you have installed it.... I would be also very happy if you could upload some pictures of your work.

The H50 mod doesnt fit for me... to much handwork biggrin.gif

Yesterday Ive read about an adapter from NZXT wich works for the most Asetek-Coolers on actual graphic cards... its availible at the 20th december here in germany and will cost about 30 EUR. Maybe thats a better option for me...the following article is in german:

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