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A good portrait monitor to pair with a 27"?

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Hi guys,

So PLP (Portrait Landscape Portrait) is popular with 1x 30" Dell and 2x20" Dells.
Dimension wise they match vertically and the pixel density matches well too, so things look good.
But a 30" Dell costs a boat load of money. And 30" Korean displays just don't cut the mustard for performance yet.

The Korean 27" panels that I see in this forum seem like the real value! thumb.gif

Does anyone have a PLP, or even an LP setup going with their Korean 27" displays? If so, which screen would you recommend to get the pixel densities close?
I also believe that panel type would be important, as my current TN panel has the colours go messed up demonic when I turn it in portrait mode. So the portrait panels should be VA or IPS I believe.

I like using 2-3 monitors so that I can game in one, and have browsers/chats/twitch dashboard/system monitors running in the others.
I find 27" very wide big, so having a second 27" in landscape would be too much for me and make me turn my head (no good!)

(before anyone asks, I'll be purchasing a 280x, so ignore the HD4890 in my rig)
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After some research, it seems like a 1920x1080 monitor of any size is not recommended for portrait mode due to many webpages being wider (horizontally) than 1080 pixels. This means that 1920x1200 monitors are recommended for portrait mode.
Unfortunately, the most common 1920x1200 monitors are 24", which is bigger than what we'd ideally want for our 27" screens.

The regular average height for a Korean 27" is 46cm
The regular average length for a 1920x1200 24" is 56cm

The goal is to match the portrait monitors length to the Korean monitors height.
So there is a 10cm difference, or 5cm on top/bottom. doh.gif Not to mention the pixel density is very noticeable.

24" screens considered:
Dell U2412m: Can be found on sale for $250, Regular is $370 (Seems like it has the best track record of good reviews)
Asus PA248Q: Can be found on sale for $320, Regular price is $360 (Light bleed can be an issue, but has the most features, such as 1:1 scaler and Picture in Picture)
Asus VS24AH-P: Can be found on sale for $250, Regular price is $300 (Least features, but lowest regular price)

I suppose that's as good as it gets?
I'll wait and see if any of you have a portrait monitor running next to your 27" for feedback now thumb.gif
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I have 3 Dell u2412m on portrait for eyefinity and they are tall. That is generally speaking about 24" monitors on portrait mode. I end up not really using the whole screen when surfing the web. Although you can place 2 windows one on top of the other. The other thing is you can think of it as future proofing when you go 30", which would have 1600px vertical which would bring you closer to 1920px thumb.gif
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Maybe it's better to just use one of those 20" 1600x1200 (e.g. 2007fpb) and possibly not use the top 160 pixels. Custom resolution 1440x1200 with black border at top?

27" 2560x1440 pixel pitch: 0.2331 mm
21.5" 1920x1080 pixel pitch: 0.2475 mm
20" 1600x1200 pixel pitch: 0.255 mm
30" 2560x1600 pixel pitch: 0.2505 mm
24" 1920x1200 pixel pitch: 0.270 mm
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