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Hi, I have an Asus U56E BBL5. After doing a system restore to fix a virus, my sound card disabled. So I uninstalled the device in device manager and uninstalled the software drivers and re-started. I went on the Asus website and downloaded their latest audio drivers, and installed them. I restarted my machine, and when it started, there was no sound. When I hover over the volume icon, there is an x over it. It says "No Audio Output Device is installed". I right click it and select "playback devices" and it says "Speakers. Realtek HD Audio. Default device." My realtek software is likely corrupt. When I open it, the dropdown menu that says "speaker configuration" is blank. The "default format" dropdown menu is blank. My equalizers do nothing and no audio comes in or out of the machine. I've had this problem several times with these drivers and almost none of the fixes i've seen work. Should I back up my entire system on my spare hard drive sitting around and re-install windows, or is there a fix available? My OS is windows 7 home premium 64 bit. The drivers worked amazing for the first 4 months I owned this laptop.