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Hi and thanks for the help! I am running Windows 7 Pro and have a EVGA 04G-P4-3687-KR GeForce GTX 680 FTW+
Here is a link:

I currently have 2 hdmi cable and two dvi cables just laying in the floor behind my computer. When I want to use my dual monitors I connect both dvi cables (nothing else). When I want to use a Tv in a different room I connect the appropriate hdmi cable to my video card. Hopefully I'm not doing damage to my video cards by yanking these out and reconnecting on the fly but thats what I'm doing. And its getting old. I have USB extender cable ran through the walls and have a keyboard/mouse in all 3 locations.

What I would like to do is connect all 4 devices at once (this video card only had 4 ports and one is a displayport so I ordered an active displayport to hdmi converter but it hasn't arrived yet). I wouldn't want all 4 to operate simultaneously though. Is there a way to setup profiles to make switching where to send the video easy? My goal is to learn a little more about it and then rent a coder to have an app on my phone so I can change it from there. From my experiences though the coders on those websites that big on programming projects do everything the most ghetto way possible unless you are holding their hand and tell them how to do it. So if you have any wisdom to share on the topic it would make my task of micromanaging them much easier and I would be very grateful!

I appreciate your time to read this!

If you are going to suggest alternatives please keep my goal in mind. I am willing to make it more complicated to setup than what I have described if I must. And I will do it a more expensive way if thats the only way. I am not willing to make the final result less convenient. If I have to walk to the PC to switch the video output, that is not the solution for me (I'm using an android phone). I am sure some of you find that ridiculous but be a nice guy and help me solve it my way, please smile.gif
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