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Same same, looks to me the only major difference is 120mm front fans vs 140mm ones, purely fan wise atleast
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I used Akasa FN053 fans in my R2 (front & bottom) with PWM control before I modified my case to hold TY-140 fans. The difference in cooling and noise was worth the change. I also raise cases with castors for better airflow to bottom.. and ease of moving cases in/out of where they live.

Fan engineers say having the same clearance in front/behind of fan as it's diameter is good rule of thumb. In most cases we are lucky to have 15-20mm clearance. I've found increasing clearance both improves airflow and lowers noise. You can demonstrate this by holding a fan at full speed over your desktop and moving it up and down.
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Someone should really release something to hold up Graphics cards and heavy CPU coolers so they dont sag or break the cpu socket lol

On another note, it is kind of sad they didnt add any vents on the top door, as you have 3 slots there, could totally mod in a 120mm fan there if that was so.
Wonder why they didnt just go with 140mm fans in the front aswell, the case should be as wide as the R4, no?
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I have made supports using doweling from bottom of case up to GPU or a piece of cord from top of case to GPU.

Agree about the top door. There are several cases I've noticed the lack of venting around front near top. With many of us no longer using optical drives 3x of these bays gives direct airflow to CPU cooler. My new Phanteks Enthoo Primo top door area is the same way.. no venting. Even the bottom vent has the center area covered. frown.gif

Define R4 . . = . . 232 x 464 x 523mm
Deep Silence 1 = 220 x 517 x 532 mm (WxHxD)
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Yep.. im sure if one was willing they could mod it to accept 140mm fans in the front, and put a 120mm on the top after making vents for it lol

ton of work if you havent done that before however
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Have that t-shirt. wink.gif

Define R2 stock w/ front door & filter doors open

Mine w/ doors open & 140mm fan mounted; with filters
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Hah, anything is possible if you have the right tools and some patience smile.gif

Sure id like to swap the 120mms for 140s TR-147's, and slap another on top.. but yeah never modded a case before so thats not going to happen anytime soon
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Modding a R2 front for 140mm fans w/ 120mm fan mounts is easy. Remove stock fans and holders. Drill out and remove the pop rivets holding HDD cage. Remove HDD cage. Cut a piece of 2mm rigid plastic to fit in front, cut 2x 140mm holes and drill the mounting screw holes to match. Mount the plastic sheet with the original mounting screws and holes. Fit fans inside and screw mounting screws in from front through the plastic. Install Silverstone magnetic mounting filters and job done.
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why the need for 140mm holes if the ty-147s have 120mm holes?, surely its just a matter of making it fit then biggrin.gif
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so air can get through the plastic sheet in front of metal in case. biggrin.gif
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