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Stay tuned. more to come:thumb:
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I got my hands on a couple of black acrylic panels. I took some photos to show which goes where. I will be making fan grills for the top rad (internal) and bottom rad to cover the fans.

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Fan Grill Design. This is what I'll be using for the left panel fan grill and top rad fan grill!

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So, as you all know, I had a package coming from Noctua. They sent me some awesome stickers and a pen. And to top that, I found a nice fan keychain. I love this package already. Here're the photos of the stuff I received. Woot Woot! Big thanks to Noctua for sending me this package. I really appreciate it. I even think it is the kick I needed to get this project done asap!

The Stickers. This is one big sticker.

The mysterious boxes. I wasn't sure what they had inside and I was pleased to see the contents after I opened them.

The Pen Emerges! Sexy Pen, very sexy!

And the Keychain. Look at that awesome dinky fan. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. The fan spins and it's just a splendid thing to have.

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So I decided to redo the fan grill design. This is still 120x120mm. I will modify it later and work on it tomorrow. I got one more surprise coming up.thumb.gif

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Hello everyone. I took sometime to work on the case again. I took off the top rad, I am still considering putting it back up there but I am not sure about it yet. I also worked on the motherboard tray and made a new mid panel that covers the entire bottom compartment as well as repositioning the Res and pump.

I first worked on the original MB tray. I cut it down to almost the same width as the MB itself. I took one of my plexiglass and cut it to fit the back of the case. This part was added directly to the remaining piece of the original MB tray. I wish this step was smooth but it wasn't because the new saw did not allow for great amount of room when I was making the cutouts for cable routing. As you can recall, I had purchased the chicago screws and I used them to connect the new MB panel to the old one. This allowed me put the cable routing holes much closer to the MB and it also made it possible to mount the reservoir right next to the MB. I took some pictures of this process but they turned out way too dark so I deleted them.

I then shifted to work on the mid panel. I made sure that I had the right measurements and such and I drilled holes where I needed them to be. As of right now, the GPU cable goes through the mid panel and gives the interior of the case a much cleaner look.

I will have to reposition the mounting mechanisms for the res and pump so that the pump is at least 1.5" away from the motherboard and GPU. This will also allow me to use better tubing connection between the pump and GPU. And the other thing will be to make cable management clips on the back of the board. I will do these things when I find time and acquire the necessary rubber pads that will elevate the clips to allow for cables pass through. The it will be time to make the SSD mount out of the same type of plexiglass.

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I posted my last update. I have been busy with new life style ever since we welcomed our newborn baby boy, Elijah, on the 5th of February 2014. He means the world to us.

I bought new toys. Well I needed calliper and I found a digital Mastercraft Calliper from Canadian Tire on sell for $17.99 from $39.99. Then I grabbed a couple of 3" C clamps, also on sell.

Then I made a trip to Home Depot and grabbed a set of files, needed more lol and I also grabbed a spray paint can for other uses

I have always wanted to get these adapters for SATA to Molex and I couldn't find them online. I went to a computer shop around here and I found them so I bought 2 of them, plus a 4 feet black heatshrink:rock:

Cable Management:

I took 2 pieces of acrylic that were left over and I made some cable management clips. I drilled the holes on the acrylic motherboard tray cover and mounted them there. And right before I finished working on these stuff, we had to go to the hospital and 2 days later our little boy was born.

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Hello friends. Sorry for being gone for so long. I have been extra busy and the new life in our family has got my hands tied up. I will upload some pictures of what I did and leave you with where I am atm. Stay tuned.
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I tore the system apart so I could remake the cable management clips. I did all of this in late February. Now I have to make the cover for the top rad.

The right hand side of the PC.

This is the new clip that holds the 8 and 24 pin cables together. I made sure that the clips have the same width.

Then I cut the part that covered the access to the side of the 5.25 bays

The inside of the case. I moved the res and I will move it again so that there's more room between it and the GPU. The pump will be mounted onto the mid panel.

And this is just a shot of the rear of the case showing the PSU.

More to come thumb.gif
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Hello everyone. I would like to show you what I purchased in the last 7 days.

The main one being the new, better quality, clean sheet metal bender. It cost me a pretty penny but it will be worth it in the long run.

The new work table. No more warping for my sheet metal due to being clamped on one side and having the other side hanging as I cut.

Jigsaw. I bought this one by chance and it was a good purchase for $69.99 from $99.99. Hitachi!

The aluminium piece that I will be working on come tomorrow.

Now the main thing. The sheet metal bending unit aka Bender Rodriguez

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