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Hi guys,

I currently have a single S27B350H Samsung monitor which is pretty good, and I'm planning on going to Costco to grab another 27" (S27C570H) which feels exactly the same but with a different base. Costco sells it for $230.

I can either go this route, or purchase 2 different 27" monitors. I'm kind of on a budget of $500 for 2.

I use them mostly for gaming, blurays, and coding/data entry.

I don't really care about 120hz, but it's a plus. Doesn't matter if I can't lightboost anyway in my price range.

What I do care about is the lack of Vesa in the samsungs, I would have liked them to have it. So I have more desk space. If I can find a decently price panel with vesa, I might go for that.

1080P or higher
Vesa Mounts
less than $500 for 2
60hz or 120hz, no matter

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I also might wait for black friday/cyber monday for some deals, not sure yet.