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So a long time ago my stupid self decided to make cables specifically for a single 8 pin Seasonic x650 to 6 pin PCIE cable so it would be easy to sleeve (no 2 cable to 1 pin). ANYWAYS amidst the Nvidia sales I bought another identical Asus 660 to SLI and now I need another 8 pin PSU to 6 pin PCIE connector. So I went to Fryz and got this promising looking thing called a Dual 4 pin Molex to PCI E 2.0 Conversion Cable, it seemed to have all the right connections and when I got home I plugged the cable in to test with my existing 660 and it says "PLEAES POWER DOWN AND PUT IN THE PCI POWAH", or something along those lines. The funny thing is the green light on my Asus card lights up saying its recevigin good power but I guess its not good enough for the motherboard to boot. So I dug around my old stuff and found a Nvidia Dual molex to single pin. I Was ecstatic because this must have came with my graphcis card! But no it was from my old 560 ti and didnt work either. Are PCIE and molex pins just not meant for eachother? Also more importantly, where do I get a new cable? I just need something that powers my 2nd graphics card. My first one runs okay with my existing cable, but the thing is I chopped off the other 6 pin connectors that were piggy backed on because I never thought I would need the upgrade. Lol silly me! I have searched the web but can't find anybody selling Seasonic X series cables.