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I've been experiencing some issues with my motherboards wifi recently with poor signal strengths as well as very low speeds when compared to my laptop (Late 2012 13" MBP). As we've just upgraded our router to the Asus AC66U i was wondering if it made sense to upgrade my wifi card to get better speeds as well as compatibility for the new AC standard (currently it is only a/b/g/n). I have been looking into getting the following card: but not having done anything like this before, im unsure of the steps i need to take to make all of it work, and curious to know if this will help improve the state of my computers wifi. Any information is greatly appreciated smile.gif

Here are the specs i can find on my current motherboards wifi.
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, supporting 2.4 GHz Single-Band (Perhaps dual band will help? I know my router has 5.0 GHz capabilities.)Bluetooth 4.0, 3.0+HS, 2.1+EDR
It also comes with a single antenna that plugs into two outputs on the back of my motherboard.

Thanks in advance smile.gif