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PC1: Wireless AC68 Card (Asus Connected Link rate 1300 to Router Asus AC68U.

2 Rooms down ASUS AC66U In repeater mode connected to a Xbox + hd home run prime.

Home Phone DEC6 AT&T Phone

Now, ANYTIME AN incoming call comes IT will disconnect my PC,Interrupt the 5Ghz link freeze the TV stream.

Now I've tested this over and over If I dial the home phone # from my Cell it will just disconnect the 5Ghz link.

So yeah simple fix eh? Get rid of the cordless phone


I unplugged the Cordless phone, did nothing still disconnects on incoming calls. I tried calling from different cell phones from Verizon to ATT and still does the same thing.

Ironically I can make outgoing calls and it won't drop the connection (from the home landline #)

*** Is going on here???????

I have changed channels gone through the entire band every single router setting nothing does anything. 5Ghz band is just whacko.

I am beyond frustrated at this stupidity.
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