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The most Ideal Airflow Prodigy-M (including a pretty picture)

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Heya folks,

Last week I got my Prodigy M and after spending the past few days getting all my wiring and such the way I want, I'm now at the point where I want to finish up it's layout and put the side on for good!

Now it's a fairly standard build, nothing fancy but I'm having trouble with working out what would be the most ideal Airflow in regards to the case fans. As you can see in the picture, the two grey fans in the bottom are already there, but I'm concerned with how much heat is coming from the PSU or just having the cool air sucked in by it. The three Pink/ Grey fan slots are currently empty, I'm hoping to make it to the shop tomorrow and pick up a few of the Spectre fans. What would be the best layout in regards to which fans should be input and which ones would be exhaust based on the layout of the system?

I know exhaust is meant to be at the top but because the graphics card has its fans face up I'm concerned it'd just be pushing hot air up and also cause resistance for the gpu trying to pull air in. It's also an open design (XFX R9 280X if you need to see it's cooler design) which means it pushes it's hot air back into the system mainly down towards the lower half around the CPU and RAM / PSU.

Anyway folks thanks for any input, look forward to getting this all sorted biggrin.gif
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Educated guess:
Top fans in with unused PCI slot covers removed to allow them to function as exhaust vents.
Back fan intake to CPU and bottom fans exhaust.

I use a cheapie digital indoor / outdoor thermometer with 20cm piece of stiff insulated wire twisted into the last bit of lead to probe and a plastic clothespin to attach probe where I want to monitor air temps inside of case. Like in front of cooler intakes, mobo chips, etc. Doing this and monitoring component temps while you try different airflow / fan placement will give you the best temps.
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Had similar question when i had this case in my hands (dont own it) - no direct pass through of air. Exhaust at the top doesnt seem logical, card will suck portion of its warm air back in.
In my current inverted mobo build iam pushing GPU air down the case and out of the back. Just like in your scenario only missing 2 bottom fans. Without rear outtake gpu air would bounce off the side panel back into its own intake.

I would experiment with using bottom fans as exhaust and rear either intake or exhaust.
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