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4770K difference between core temps

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Got a little question about core temps.
Removed the standard cooling paste and replaced it by Coollaboratory Liquid Pro and noticed some change.
On idle, core temps are as good as equal sitting around just below or just at 30°C. These are more equal then before with the standard termal paste where they jumped around a bit more and the difference in core temps was a bit bigger too.
But clocked to 4,6 Ghz and under load (Prime or IntelBurnTest or so), the temps of cores 1, 2 and 3 are as good as equal (75-76°C on Prime, 92° on INtelBurnTest) but the one on core 4 stays behind, around 6-7°C degrees lower then the others.
Anyone any clue why this can happen?
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Because of multiple factors, the ones I know about:

-Each core has a different efficiency, some will clock better and produce less heat..

-Your cooling solution does not take heat away in a constant and linear fashion as wed imagine, on a very smaller level using a thermal cam you could see the waves of heat that are moving from one metal part to anoteher, and those arent exactly rectangle.

As per one core being a full 6C difference that's pertty cool, did you try disabling other ones and go for a max frequency on that one ? I suspect it would fair much better then the other cores or better than all to on..
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Differing contact with the IHS is possible, as is the fact that one of the cores is sitting next to a big chunk of dark silicon (the iGPU) that acts as an additional heatsink for that core. It's completely normal to see up to a 10C split on the temps.
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