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I've been trying to troubleshoot a crossfire problem I've been having. After installing windows 8.1 and the newest AMD beta drivers I've noticed that my bottom 6950 has been running it's fan at max and isn't recognized in Device Manager, CCC, or Afterburner. The Crossfire section in CCC isn't even grayed out, It's just not there. I tried reseating the cards, a different crossfire bridge, and some cleaning which didn't help. I've had a bit of coil whine before but this is much worse.

I tried throwing the second GPU into the primary PCI slot and ran video through it. On start up I get an extremely loud whining noise similar to a tea kettle, which freaked me out so I shut the PC down before it could POST, I don't think it was going to post but I can retry if I should.

I've really had no power issues before this and I hadn't touched the cards in months before this started happening. I'll start the RMA process soon but I'm curious if anyone can enlighten me on the cause of this sound? I have taken these cards apart previously and that's when the slight coil whine started, but it was only noticeable in some game menus.

I'm running the computer fine now with just one card plugged in. Thanks for any help!