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i74770k cores temp discrepancy

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Is it normal that I am seeing a discrepancy as below
Core#0 max 84
Core#1 max 88
Core#2 max 83
Core#3 max 80

This kind of differential is consistent across various tests with Core#1 always running much hotter than the rest and Core#3 being the coolest.

I'm using H100i with factory applied thermal compount, but i may have installed it slightly incorrectly. Or these are normal variations that come from minute differences in manufacturing? Thanks.

It's running at 4.4GHz (100x44) @1.19V, cache x39@1.15V (not sure if stable, in the process of testing right now).

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bwt super unimpressed with the OC-ability of this chip, I was either unlucky or didn't install something properly.
I'm also going to improve the airflow in my case but at best that could shave 3-4 degrees i'd imagine...
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not much discrepancy there tbh



if you was seeing 90 80 75 66, then i'd worry about it

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ah got it, thanks! i'm just completely new to the world of OCing/monitoring so i wasn't sure if this falls in the norm or not

thanks for the confirmation, appreciate it!

i keep trying to inch down the Voltage, do you happen to know what a reasonable stable lower bound would be at 4.4GHz? I tried 1.2, 1.19, 1.18 so far Intel Burn Test completes with 10 runs fine, I'll keep going down until something happens I guess smile.gif
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I always see ~10 degree difference between all cores on the 3 or 4 chips I've overclocked.

For my two cents, Haswell sucks for overclocking. My 3770k at 4.8 looks to faster than what I can get from haswell....comparing superPi and the gflop count.
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cool, thanks man
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