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I'm not really sure what I need to do...
I have 4 tabs in HDTune - Benchmark, Info, Health and Error scan.
do you mean to open the Info tab and take a screen shot? (That's the only place Is saw "s.m.a.r.t")
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Originally Posted by shaykal View Post

I have ran the test that you suggested, and there were no errors.
I was even able to benchmark the SSD drives and they didn't fail this time.
I guess the conclusion is a fault in the motherboard?

Is there anything else that I could try?


I wouldn't necessarily chalk it up as the motherboard. It's not unheard of that Raid 0 SSD's fail. Especially older models. It's one of the reasons why people generally advise against Raid 0 SSD's because the failure rate of the array is pretty high (usually always one drive failing). Sure you get ridiculous speeds out of it, but you do risk drive array failure - so you lose reliability. It happens so frequently that's why people don't recommend doing it that often.

Your best bet is to have the separate drives. One for boot, and one for programs/games etc. This will still allow everything to be fast as possible by keeping the OS services separate.

If you really want to Raid 0 them, you might be better off buying a separate Raid card for $150 or so. But realistically it's pretty pointless stuff.

I had an old Raid 0 array on my motherboard with two Seagates that I carried from my previous build. It setup pretty quickly, and surprisingly all of my files and the old array was still in tact; it was all there. I had it setup like that for a couple of months. Ended up getting another larger HD so I copied all the files from the Raid 0 setup to the new drive and removed the array. For those months that it was setup it worked pretty well, but I wasn't using it as a boot drive. Which can cause problems.

My question is, perhaps it isn't a software or driver or bios problem. Maybe you don't have the drives plugged into the correct SATA ports. If you read the manual, it is pretty clear on what SATA ports need to be used for Boot and for RAID. I would open up that manual and make sure you have everything plugged into the corresponding ports. That could be the real cause of your issue. Because as unreliable as Raid 0 may be, if you set it up properly generally speaking you shouldnt run into many issues.
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Just a small update, I connected the 2 SSDs to a different SATA port, and created Raid 0 and it's working properly since a few days now.
The only problem is that it's SATA 2 ports, and not SATA 3.
Do you think there is a difference if I use SATA 3 or SATA 2 with Raid 0? do SSD actually utilize the full speed of SATA 3?

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