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My graphic card is a Asus R9 280X, and I have been using it for two weeks. I play games casually everyday for about one hour (two half hour sessions). When playing some of the 3D games, I occasionally have fuzzy screen (interleaved bars or whatever you can call it for messed graphical displaying) . Here is the details:
1. It occurred in 3dmark 11, company of heroes2, need for speed shift 2, but just one or two time each.
2. It never happened in bioshock infinite, crysis 3 or 3dmark 2013.
3. Everytime screen fuzz occurs, the system still works well and quitting the 3d sceen will return to normal, but entering any 3d app afterwards will cause screen fuzz. Then a system reboot will fix everthing.
4. The temp of the card is pretty decent and never passes 69 C under load. The power supply is a new Corsair RM650. The driver is currently AMD 13.11 beta driver and the OS is win 8.1 64bit.

So from your opinion, this fuzzy scrren problem is more like a SW/driver problem, or due to a HW defect? I hope it is only due to the beta driver which could save my hassel of returning the card. Thanks,