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Hi guys & girls, I have had this problem for a while now... but can't really seem to find anyone else with the problem... Okay so I have a 7970 and it was happening then & still is happening when I added a second one and ran the display port from the new one to the monitor... (So It can't be the card)

Also I have a new monitor and it does it on that too. 1440p

So the screen sometimes decides to jump down from the top and sort of pixelate or scramble for a few milliseconds, Okay so it doesn't sound like much but it is quite annoying, sometimes it happens more frequent and sometimes not so much.. I have a feeling it's driver related or clock speeds.. but I have tried lots of different drivers and nothing has fixed it..

If it is clock speeds, how do I go about changing the 2D clock speeds on BOTH graphics cards?

Any any other advice is welcome, if you think it might be something else.