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Need help with the Inno 3D iChill GTX 780 Accelero Hybrid

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Hey Guys!
I do have a problem that is bothering me for a while already, i hope you can help me!

First of all my Setup:

Mpower Max MSI
Inno 3D iChill GTX 780 Accelero Hybrid

I can overclock the GTX 780 to 1306 staying stable at 1.3 volts using a bios Skyn3t made for me (thanks again thumb.gif ), so i am very pleased about the card itself and the overclocking capabilities!

But that is irrelevant for my problem, since it is always happening. Overclocked, Standard Clock, Skyn3t Bios, Stock Bios!

So the Problem itself:
The Accelero Hybrid has two fans: One for the liquid cooling and one on top of the card itself!
The one for the liquid cooling is really quite. But the one on top of the card, the air cooling, is my problem!

The Air-Fan is not scaling right, it is behaving the following way:

(26% his is the lowest i can put it to in AB, after modifying the Bios to 0% with KBT)

The fan i fluctuating like crazy according to AB, 0-30 Million RPM. Well we all know that cant be right since my computer is not flying...
But what i am hearing is the following: It is really quit for a few seconds and than it gets really loud for a few seconds!!
This is really irritating for normal desktop application, because it is just too loud!!

The fan is staying constantly at ca. 2100 RPM. No scaling at all. Really loud.

So basically i have two options: Off and On

Here a screenshot:

One solution i found that works for desktop application but not gaming:

Before Windows loads the drivers it is quit and when i reinstalled my Windows a week ago it was quit until: I installed the NVIDIA-Driver!!
So when i am on desktop i can go to the device manager and disable the GTX and enable it for gaming. So i just have to handle the loudness when i am gaming, but i am wearing a headset then.

Short question: Why is my screen not just going black, when i disable the card? Is the integrated GPU from the 4770k taking over?

So does anybody have an idea what i should do?


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Here is the explanation from the Artic site why the fan is going crazy:

Nvidia graphics cards with their latest drivers may be misinterpreting the fan speed of our coolers and thus the reporting through software is wrong. Further Nvidia is no longer controlling the fan speed depending on PWM values based on the GPU temperature. E.g. if you set 30% PWM, Nvidia translates it into 1050 RPM. Independent whether you run a 40 mm (10,000 RPM max) or a 140 mm (1,500 RPM max) fan and independent of their maximum fan speeds, Nvidia will drive both at exactly 1050 RPM.

Nvidia's inability interpreting the fan speed signal might make the graphics card's controller spin the fan up and down. AMD boards control the fan speed consequently according to the GPU temperature and thus this cannot happen. With a fan controller software like Precision X this issue is controllable in the best way. There is to be aware that the percentages are not corresponding to PWM values but to fix fan speeds set by Nvidia. We recommend you to follow our suggested control curve precisely.

Unfortunately their solution is to set the fan speed in a way to spin the fans at 100% permanently (so much for quiet system....)

So there are only a few options:

* Ruin your hearing with 100% fan speed all the time
* Pray for Nvidia to invent a new way to measure fan speeds to accomodate a niche product (I guess this is never going to happen)
* Rewire the fans to an external fan controller/motherboard
* Replace the card with a different model (would pain my heart but I am really thinking hard about sending the card back and getting me the same from a different company with a different cooler)
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