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Weird crossfire issues, really need help please.

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I picked up a second sapphire 7970 ghz, all seemed to be fine.

A week or so later and the problems kick in, I have tested both cards on there own using furmark and the 15 minute burn in benchmark and they come out with pretty much the same results.
I have tested both cards in both slots and so far no issues when on there own.

Together though I have had lots of different issues. I had an issue where the fans would hit what sounds like full speed and the pc would crash requiring me to press the restart button, this is while I'm doing nothing so the pc is idle.

I also had where the PC seemingly goes into sleep mode and will not wake and requires me pressing the restart button to be able to use the pc, this can happen while even in a game.

I am running a fx8350 ive run it at stock and overclocked to 4.6 makes no difference.
16 gb ram but I removed a stick because turning on crossfire resulted in blank screen and I found people saying 4 sticks was the problem so now on 3 making 12 gb
Asus Crosshair Formula V mobo
PSU is a Corsair Enthusiast Series TX850M that i bought at the same time as the second card.

I checked lots of psu calculators before purchasing the PSU my old one didnt have sli/crossfire support.

I have done clean installs of drivers and even reinstalled windows cleanly too. The fan speed up has happened during post although only once it made me think that the drivers probably where not to blame after all.

Is this issue related to one card and if so how would i go about finding out which one. As i say I have tried testing them separately and so far the problem hasn't arisen while they are on their own.

Is this a PSU issue and if so why does it cause the fans to go into high speed before crashing the pc?

I really appreciate any advice here because as it is I can not use both cards.

*edit* This does indeed appear to have been a power issue, its still early days as sometimes i can go a day without issues so I guess I will know for sure in a few days.

*edit 2 Pretty sure this was a power issue as I havent seen any issues since I last edited smile.gif
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Anybody at all have a clue whats going on here? Please
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