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Sorry if in wrong forum. Wasn't sure where to put this.

Currently using an Antec 900 case which I have had for many years now. Been looking for something with clean lines and bounced from a few Corsair cases to what I ended u buying. A Cooler Master CM 690 III along with a few other goodies. Must say I really like this case now seeing it in person. Reading many threads here getting ideas I wanted something I could work with easier too. Who knows where this will bring me but for now I think I will be better off.

So UPS delivered the stuff a day early at work.

Cooler Maser CM 690 III w/Seidon 120V cooler (not sure if I will use it for something or not yet)
Cooler Master Glacer 240L
Corsair AF120 fans x2 (changing out the case fans that come with case)
Corsair AF140 fans x2
Corsair Neutron SSD 256g (gives me a reason to update to Windows 8.1 now)
Lamptron FC5v2 fan controller (black version)

Waiting on one more box from Newegg with UPS due monday. Maybe I will be lucky and get it Friday.
MSI R9 290
Artic Accelero Xtreme III.

Will move my Asus Sabertooth mb with AMD FX 8350 and G.Skill sniper memory 16g, 2ea Seagate 1Tb drives, Thermaltake TR2 RX 850w psu, LG Blueray drive and Creative sound card over to new case. Clean up my Nvidia 660Ti's up and box them up.