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For Sale:
SOLD Two E5520 Quad Core Xeons - Socket 1366 IHS Removed

Will Ship To: US48

Selling a two really nice Xeons!

These sexy ladies run 80W! -- They run ice cold and have the IHS removed! (if you don't know how to run CPU's that have IHS removed please, google it) You just need to take off the socket cover on your motherboard to run them. Just make sure you also have enough pressure on the cpu.

18x ratio on turbo which is 2.40ghz stock.

I manged to pull 4.0ghz easy and 4.1ghz pushhing on my mobo really hard @ 227 FSB. all under 1.375v! 4.1 ghz will require 1.6PLL @ 227 FSB

4.0 only needs 1.3PLL.

I had fun with these, time to pass em on!

$30 Each Shipped! Paypal US48 / Canada only!

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