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I have an Asus 670 that is a little more than a year old. I get excellent fps in almost every game, until I open a second client. I play eve-online so having more than one client open is pretty much needed. Once the second client is open the active client will suddenly go down to 30 fps and nothing less. This happens for about 10 seconds then it goes up. If I quickly switch to the 2nd client its fps will also be 30 then jump back up a few moments later. This happens about every 2 minutes and it is very annoying. This is not only a problem with eve-online, it happens when I have youtube open at 720/1080p or any other game like guildwars, supcom and bf4.

It sounds like a driver issue but no matter how much I roll back or even use newer beta drivers the problem still happens. If you need anymore information I can happily provide.

Computer specs:
2770k with a small software overlock.
Asus 670 2gb
16gb of ram
60gb SSD
120gb SSD
1TB barracuda
Windows 7.