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Does anyone have experiences to share regarding the smoothness of gaming on recent cards.

I may just be sensitive to it but my ATI/AMD 5770 + 7950 never seemed to be smooth despite the settings being turned down to maintain a higher FPS than my monitor could output. I was exceptionally disappointed with both of these cards because of this tearing + jitteryness.

This was with a 3570K and 8GB DDR3 ram along with a fast SSD and two different 60Hz 1080p/1200p monitors.

I have read in passing about Nvidia offerings possibly being "smoother", but I have no experience with their recent cards.

I was interested in the new R9 290/290x and the 770/790.

I did see a little about G-Sync but that would be totally out of budget to get a compatible monitor + a Nvida card.

So if you are sensitive to such issues I would welcome your input. I may be wrong but it almost seems like coilwhine, it doesn't bother everyone but it drives me mental.
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There are metrics to measure smoothness and The Tech Report seems to be at the fore front of such investigations.

From their findings CF has really bad smoothness but single GPU solutions like the R9 290 and the R9 290x sport some of the best results in their tests. The R9 290x trading places with the GTX 780 ti depending on gaming title.


Personally i'd recommend you either buy a R9 290 and an aftermarket cooler or wait for the custom cooled designs, if having a smooth gameplay is what you are aiming for. Overall though the R9 290x is a bit better, even better than the GTX 780Ti.
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Thanks for the link + information Pentdragon.

Quite a lot of information to digest but a quick glance at the charts look very promising and the 290/780 are quite comparable in this sense.

I just hope the charts translate into to realworld experiences?
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