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I ran the 35x on both the chassis PWM connector and the CPU connector. No difference. I watched pump RPM speeds for hours on each pump, and the lowest they dropped was about 100rpm less than maximum. There was no problem with too little fluctuation or limited range. I hooked up PWM fans to each header and these always performed smoothly and as they should.
The fact here is that I had big problems with two Swiftech pumps in a row and their service was terrible. If you do a search online I am far from the only one. There's no reason to try to push an error on me or my setup unless you're a paid shill for them.
I will deal with the problems of the DDC as they come. I don't have a problem changing out the PCB or isolating it properly.
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I'd go w/ this. Very few boards have proper PWM control from my experience. Every Asus (and Asrock) board I've owned had extremely poor control over an MCP35X. Most 4-pin headers on motherboards don't actually have PWM control, they still use voltage. If you weren't using the MCP35X on the CPU fan header that likely is one of the problems. EK and Dazmode both sell DDC3.2-PWMs but chances are you'd have the exact same issues.

As for the DDC-1T. It is ridiculously loud compared to a slowed down DDC3.2-PWM (MCP35X). Actually I find them louder and more obnoxious than a DDC3.2 @ full speed. They are very whiny. I bought two but can't stand being in the same room w/ them. They don't respond well to lowering voltage either. You can install a DIYINHK PCB on them to improve noise substantially but still loud compared to slowed DDC3.2-PWM.

Also a D5 is louder than an MCP35X @ 1250 rpm. tongue.gif

I can confirm all this. I just went through learning that only my CPU header was PWM, and all the other 4pin fan headers were voltage controlled (thanks Asus). This caused days of confusion and frustration, including emails to Swiftech and posts on OCN. Only software gave me the control I needed. At least there was that.
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