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So I am planning on getting Asus VG248QE(144hz) this Black Friday. I want to get 2 additional 'cheapo' led monitors(60hz) for surround gaming. I don't really want to shell out the extra cash for 2x 144hz displays because I will not be getting more than 40-60 fps on a surround display, and shelling out that extra cash would be wasted since I don't plan to upgrade my SLI 670 for another 2 years.

I play competivitely from time to time so I can just shut off the 2 extra monitors when I do that and get the full 144hz. But for just 'play for fun', I can put up with 60hz on a surround display. My question is... since you need exact sync polarities... what cheap monitors can I buy that is compatible with the VG248QE?

Is this even possible? I believe I have read that you can do this, just needing matching resolution, polarity, and refresh rates.