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Evening folks.

I'm having serious issues overclocking this card.

On Heaven 4.0 (1080p 8xAA Ultra, Extreme) it crashes with the slightest of overclocks. I can't even set the memory to 6200Mhz without it crashing the video driver for example.
It was running Crysis 3 for an hour @ 1300Mhz Core and 6600Mhz memory with no issues, but Heaven...its a nogo at anything other than the out of the box OC.

I have no idea if I've fried the cards memory, I accidently pushed the card to 7000Mhz Mem while furmark was running (It popped up on the wrong screen) and it crashed instantly. After this I faffed about with it and attempted to run Heaven 4.0, and it was crashing straight away.

Now the core overclocks dont work either, I've managed to get it to 1201mhz MAX Boost with 1.187v running through it, and it passed a benchmark of Heaven fine, but anything over that is unstable and to be honest, Its crashed at that frequency before.

It seems odd that a 78% ASIC card that is supposed to have Samsung memory can't run at anymore than +90 Core and +0 Memory. The memory overclocking is baffling me - I originally thought it would be my PSU, seeing as my last card (7870) couldn't overclock at all either without dying, and since I had a power surge last year. Problem is, a 200Mhz memory increase can't attribute to much of an increase of power demand...

System specs are as follows.

Core i5 2500K @ 4.6Ghz
8GB Corsair Vengeance LP White 1600Mhz 1.5v
GTX 780 Winforce 3x OC (rev 2.0)
OCZ Vector 256GB
1TB Storage Drive
Antec CP-850 (850W Silver) PSU