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Hey OCN,
I started using blender, with cycles.
and have been using gpu rendering since i had an nvidia card.
But my nvidia card got burned and will now be changing to an R9-290x. the dilemma is without an nvidia card i cant use cycles (Unless i use super slow cpu rendering, which i won't do lol).

So when i change to AMD i will have to rely on an OpenCL rendering engine.
But my favorite thing about cycles was the live preview you get with the Blender integration.

So could any on recommend another free rendering engine like LUXrender or anything like that that has gpu, openCL support with a live preview?

Or does any one know a way to get live preview with blender if i use luxrender?

Also im a serious begginer at 3d design. I was learning with blender but my gpu buned and have been put on hold.
3d is just a hobby though, and cant change to nvidia since im a a gamer and am waiting for mantle.

Thanks, help appreciated.