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Looking for a special CPU cooler.

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I am looking to optimize my cooling capabilities.

Here is my case for visualization.

What I need is a CPU water cooler with tubing long/stretchy enough to be able to have the radiator mounted at the bottom of the case. The CPU will be in it's standard place ofcourse. This is so my push/pull fans can cool my CPU and GPUs all at once, because if it were in it's standard position, It would only take of heat.
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It says you can fit a 360 up top and a 240 down low.
Are you looking for a suggestion on a closed-loop cooling solution? Something liquid based but a sealed unit?
My suggestion there would be: don't
Buy a real watercooling kit and then you can use whatever length of tubes you desire, plus replace, maintain and upgrade components as you see fit.
If you haven't already, search online for forums dealing with the CLC you are considering. There are very high RMA rates for any one of them, including Corsair Hxx/xxx products.
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Just calling it how I see it, I know the H100/H100i wont fit tubing wise, even then after the PSU goes in a 240 rad isn't going to fit at the bottom.

I could be wrong.

Really need more information:

Do you want AiO?

Price range?

Are you willing to go for a custom water cooling kit?
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