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Originally Posted by deepor View Post

The programs where you see the 200Hz polling rate issue, try running those programs in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Open the program shortcut's properties window and click on the compatibility tab to get to that setting.

You are beast mate biggrin.gif It is working like a charm now. thumb.gif
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Everytime Windows asks me to update to 8.1 i close the prompt down. I had a bad time with the Beta. Maybe in a few months.
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can anyone please explain to me what the mouse issue is with 8.1 and why I don't notice it?
i felt no change from windows 7, 8 to 8.1
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Look at this:

That's Windows 8.1. Some programs simply don't work right after some changes behind the scenes in Windows 8.1. You'll see that the mouse and mouse driver still get the full 1000Hz of data the mouse sends, and programs can get to that data if they use DirectX.

If you run into that problem with some program you use, you can start the program in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and it will work correctly.
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